Koi Carp Pond Glass Calculator – 33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated Cut To Size- Free Delivery

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£496.41 - £992.82 / per m2 inc VAT

33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated glass

Panels over 2.5m2 must be Priced as over size panels and may incur extra costs. please contact us.
Laminated Glass - Minimum Charge 0.5m2 (per panel)
Toughened / Float Glass - Minimum Charge 0.3m2(per panel)
Glass Thickness: 33.04mm
Glass Type: Toughened Triple Laminated
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Buy Glass UK can shape your glass to nearly any shape FREE shapes are squares & rectangles, standard glass shapes are raked rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles but we can CNC shape glass to specification.

4 Holes up to and including 20mm are Free of charge.
Please add a description of hole sizes and positions further down or submit a technical drawing.

Circular holes over 20mm, and under 50mm, are charged at £5+VAT per hole
Please add a description of hole sizes and positions further down or submit a technical drawing.
We will produce a technical drawing for you to confirm.

Corner Radius (upto 5mm) is Free, over 15mm radius please select cnc shaping from the shaping options (top)

For special requirement please use the Details box near the bottom of this form

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If you would like to describe the position of holes, cutout positions, radius corners etc please provide additional info here.
We’ll be in touch to confirm these details and we’ll send you a technical drawing over for approval.


So, you are looking to build a DIY Koi Carp Pond with 33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated glass viewing window?

You’ve come to the right place, Buy Glass is a glass supplier who specialises in supplying glass where super strength, super clarity and a perfect finish are required.

We provide Free delivery on all Koi Carp Pond glass – 33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated – on orders over £200+VAT.

Why Koi Carp for a Koi Carp pond with glass viewing window?

This is an easy one. They’re beautiful fish to look at. A Koi is a special variant of the domesticated common carp. Koi need a well managed pond to ensure these important fish are protected. Therefore the procedure applied to Koi ponds should be routinely checked and maintained.

Adding a Toughened Triple Laminated viewing window to your Koi Pond will only enhance the viewing pleasure.

What will the Koi do in winter?

In the winter months, what happens to Koi and goldfish? The cold weather sets in. Snow, rain, shorter days and more indoor time contribute to our steady loss of our opportunity to see what’s going on with our pond fish. Depending on your location, those conditions will last for several months. After the ice and snow have arrived; well, we lose contact with the fish. Looking through your 33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated pond window you will notice that, for the most part, they remain in the “warmest” pool of water they can find towards the bottom of the pond.

Please note: We assume that you have done the necessary due diligence to determine that 33.04mm Toughened Triple Laminated is the correct glass thickness required for your DIY Koi Pond Project. We cannot be held liable for damage nor for incidental or consequential loss.

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Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 33.04 mm
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