1211A Intermediate Support with 360° Swivel Satin Stainless Steel

1211A Intermediate Support with 360° Swivel Satin Stainless Steel

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The 1211A Intermediate Support with 360° Swivel in Satin Stainless Steel is a component designed to provide additional support and stability to glass panels in architectural applications. Here is a detailed description of the product:

  1. Function: The 1211A Intermediate Support with 360° Swivel is used to provide intermediate support along the length of glass panels, ensuring their stability and preventing excessive flexing or movement. It is commonly used in glass partitions, balustrades, and other architectural installations.
  2. Components: The 1211A Intermediate Support typically includes the following components:
    • Support Post: A vertical post made of high-quality satin stainless steel that provides vertical support to the glass panels. It is designed to withstand the weight and pressure exerted on the glass panels.
    • Swivel Joint: A 360° swivel joint mechanism attached to the support post. This allows the support post to rotate freely in any direction, accommodating slight variations in panel alignment and providing flexibility in installation.
    • Mounting Base: A sturdy base that is attached to the floor or other supporting surfaces. The support post is securely connected to the mounting base, ensuring stability and load distribution.
  3. Installation: The 1211A Intermediate Support is typically installed at intermediate points along the length of the glass panels. The support post is positioned vertically, and the swivel joint allows for adjustments to ensure proper alignment and support. The mounting base is securely attached to the floor or other supporting surfaces, providing a stable foundation for the support post.
  4. Swivel Function: The 360° swivel joint allows the support post to rotate freely in any direction. This feature provides flexibility during installation, accommodating slight variations in panel alignment and making it easier to achieve a level and secure installation. It also allows for adjustments if any changes or modifications are required after installation.
  5. Satin Stainless Steel Finish: The 1211A Intermediate Support is made of satin stainless steel, which offers several benefits. It provides a modern and sleek aesthetic, complementing various architectural styles. The satin finish adds a touch of sophistication and helps resist fingerprints, smudges, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining the product’s visual appeal.
  6. Benefits: The use of the 1211A Intermediate Support offers several benefits, including:
    • Enhanced stability: The support post and swivel joint combination provide reliable support and prevent excessive movement or flexing of the glass panels.
    • Versatile installation: The 360° swivel joint allows for flexibility in alignment and adjustment during installation, accommodating different panel configurations and site conditions.
    • Improved safety: The intermediate support helps distribute the weight and load of the glass panels, reducing stress on individual points and enhancing overall structural integrity.
    • Aesthetic appeal: The satin stainless steel finish adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the installation, enhancing its visual appeal.

Please note that specific installation instructions and compatibility may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the 1211A Intermediate Support. It is recommended to refer to the product documentation or consult with a professional installer for accurate and detailed information for your specific application.

Edge Polishing

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